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Our technology leverages deep learning and off-the-shelf wearables to predict the onset of sepsis in cancer patients who have been discharged from hospital

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The Patchd System
The Sepsis Scout System

The Sepsis Scout System

Sepsis Scout uses a watch that measures Heart rate, Respiration rate, Blood pressure, Temperature and SpO2 for real-time monitoring of high-risk patients. Data is transmitted to our deep learning algorithm in the cloud via a patient’s smartphone. The algorithm takes this data along with demographic data and medical co-variates, and generates a risk score between zero and one. When this risk score crosses a threshold, the system alerts the treating team, who can then contact the patient and decide what to do next.

The Sepsis Scout Algorithm

The Sepsis Scout deep learning algorithm is designed to detect micro-variations and interactions between vital signs and other physiological parameters, including diurnal rhythm. By looking at these subtle changes, and taking into account medical history and demographics, we are able to predict sepsis well before its onset.

Patchd Algorithm
Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Integration is more than just the technology. It's about integration into every day life, completely unnoticed until it's needed. By working closely with the hardware, we can create a product that streamlines workflows, delights users and melds into their daily lives.

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