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“Saving a life”

Our company is different to most companies. It was started to save my life.

Robert Quinn

CEO & Co-founder, Sepsis Scout, Inc.

Robert Quinn Robert in 2022

When I was 12 I was told, that if I didn’t get a liver transplant, I’d be dead before my 22nd birthday. At the age of 21, I received that urgently-needed liver transplant.

Following the transplant, I suffered 18 separate bouts of sepsis, a condition that occurs when the body over-reacts to a serious infection. It directly kills 1 in every 6 times (CDC, 2018). You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize I’m an anomaly. The only reason that I am alive is that I can tell when I am getting sick. I get sore legs and a warm face and I show up to the hospital early to be treated. The extra time saved my life. We quickly realized that if I could tell I was getting sick and save my own life, we could use deep learning and wearables to do the same thing for others.

With this in mind, and a desire to change the trajectory of the millions of people who get sepsis every year, Sepsis Scout was born.

Robert Quinn, CEO & Co-founder, Sepsis Scout, Inc.

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