Company Rebrand (Patchd Medical to Sepsis Scout)

As part of a strategic initiative, Patchd Medical has recently undergone a significant transformation and is proud to announce its new identity as Sepsis Scout. This rebranding marks a pivotal moment for our company, as we realign our focus and consolidate our efforts to tackle one of the most pressing healthcare challenges: sepsis. With an unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes, Sepsis Scout is poised to revolutionize sepsis detection and prevention, ensuring early intervention and saving lives.

Sepsis, a life-threatening condition resulting from the body's overwhelming response to infection, claims millions of lives worldwide each year. Traditional approaches to sepsis management often rely on hospital-based monitoring, which can delay intervention and worsen patient outcomes. At Sepsis Scout, we are committed to shifting the paradigm by taking sepsis detection and prevention outside of the hospital setting.

Early detection of sepsis is crucial to improving patient survival rates and minimizing long-term complications. By equipping patients with the tools they need to monitor their health remotely, we empower individuals to take control of their well-being and intervene at the earliest signs of sepsis. Sepsis Scout leverages cutting-edge technology to provide real-time monitoring and alerts, enabling timely medical intervention and potentially saving lives.

Under the new name, Sepsis Scout, our rebranding effort represents our unwavering commitment to tackling sepsis head-on. This new identity reflects our laser-focused approach and dedication to revolutionizing sepsis detection and prevention. It also enables us to clearly communicate our purpose and value proposition to our stakeholders, partners, and the wider healthcare community.

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